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Mass measurement type [Auto color]
ACA-Z series

Blender Mass weighing Blender (Conveying Machine integrated) Auto color Ⅱ ACA-Z series

Space-saving, high-performance, high-precision (less than ±0.3% of full scale) Blender with built-in Conveying Machine.
  • Color touch panel. "Easy mode" with easy setting operation installed
  • Easy removal of parts, easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Reduce material loss in "SUPPLY MODE"


Installation flow chart

When selecting the secondary Conveying loader hopper (optional)

"Easy mode"

Equipped with "Easy mode" that allows you to directly input formulation, Conveying time, and mixing time

Space saving

Installation space is about 1/3 of the control unit separate type

Cleaning / Maintenance

It is easy to remove material, easy to remove parts, dramatically improved cleaning and maintenance.

Use-over mode (number adjustment stop)

Material supply exactly according to production quantity

Use-up mode (time adjustment stop)

Material supply according to production time

Use-up mode (stop adjusting the number of boxes)

Material supply exactly according to the number of boxes produced

Dimensional drawing



Model Maximum throughput (kg / h) Number of compounds Supply method
ACA-50 Zb 50 Three (4 are optional) Screw cutting method
ACA-100 Zb 100

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