Investor Relations

For circumstances that could affect the operating results, financial position, or stock value of this corporate group, we have the following information.

1.  Concentrated risk in specific business areas


2. Risk in raw material prices

The material used in our corporate group’s products such as steel is affected by changing market conditions. When our various cost reduction measures are exceeded by material prices, we may have to pass on some costs to the selling price. When we are unable to adjust the price accordingly, there’s a possibility that profit margins will shrink.

3. Risk of price competition

The main buyers of this corporate group, the plastic resin processing industry is in the midst of furious innovation, quality and price competition. The necessary requirements for equipment investment have also become tougher. We work to develop high-value-added products with good quality, delivery times and pricing, but when the price competition is greater than expected, there’s a possibility that profit margins will shrink.

4. Risk of overseas operations


5. Risk in fluctuating exchange rates


6. Risk of retaining and developing human resources

The business expansion and success of our corporate group is tied to the retention and development of our human resources. It is necessary to sufficiently retain and develop human resources at our overseas subsidiaries to preserve their practical skills and their ability to show leadership and excel at communication. If we cannot succeed at retaining and developing our human resources, it may affect the mid- to long-term business strategy of this corporate group.

7. Risk of lawsuits


8. Risk of natural disasters, accidents and epidemics of serious infectious diseases


9. 気候変動によるリスク