As a specialist in labor-saving equipment at product manufacturing sites that use powders such as plastics, we will deliver high-quality, one-of-a-kind products that match customer needs and are unrivaled by other companies. Our management philosophy is to contribute to society. We are also promoting energy conservation and resource recycling as part of our Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
The image of human resources that we seek is "people who can think, propose, and act on their own."
Employee well-being is essential for the development of a company. We use various methods, such as "awareness surveys," "workplace visits," and "employee interviews," to gather feedback from employees, and share their dissatisfaction and concerns within the company to make improvements. I'm here. We are also actively working to increase the ratio of men taking childcare leave.
Our technology is used in various industries such as automobile parts, smartphone lenses, lithium-ion batteries, food, etc., and we make machines that are indispensable at the manufacturing site of cutting-edge products.
We invite you to become a part of our company and create the future together.


Although Kawata is a processing equipment manufacturer, it is not a manufacturer that sells only ready-made items.
The world keeps moving rapidly. New ideas and new products are born one after another.
It is our job to support the backside and solve the problems that no one has dealt with yet.
New materials, combinations without tried, special manufacturing environment, there are countless walls to overcome.
The answers that face each and every one of the answers will change the form and become the cornerstone to enrich the daily living.

About US

Plastics are used in every aspect of life.
Kawata's products have an overwhelming share in the powder and granular processing that is the manufacturing process for plastic products.

Various personal items, the latest equipment Also
Kawata products are involved.

  • LCD Screen
  • bearing
  • small lens
  • PET bottles
  • Medicine
  • Auto parts


<Flow from order for standard machine to delivery>



mechanical design job


mechanical design job

My main job is mechanical design and development.
The design job starts with understanding the customer's needs, designing to meet those needs, instructing the purchasing department to manufacture with the production instruction drawing, and checking whether the finished machine will demonstrate the ability as designed. , we test in-house and give shipping instructions to those that pass the test. In some cases, I may be in charge of everything from witnessing the delivery to the customer to conducting trial runs on site. Satisfying customers is the joy of mechanical design jobs.


Electrical design job


Electrical design job



engineering job


service engineering jobs

Main duties include repair, maintenance and installation of machinery. Identifies and repairs machine failures as quickly as possible. We also provide installation work when the machine is delivered. We will check the location of the machine, check the wiring from unloading to the site, arrange necessary parts, and in some cases, arrange heavy goods transporters and plumbers, and provide on-site guidance. The sense of installation also affects customer satisfaction. Satisfying customers is the joy of being a service engineer.


sales job


sales job

The work of the sales staff is from receiving orders for machines to delivery and after-sales follow-up. As a representative of Kawata, we will contact our customers. I check the information necessary for machine design, issue order slips, coordinate delivery dates, and handle complaints. By gaining the trust of customers, you will be able to consult with them in various ways, and by responding to their consultations, you will be able to gain even more trust. As a result, you will be able to get to know your customers more deeply, and you will be able to make highly accurate proposals. Satisfying customers is the joy of a sales job.

Career Development

  • Human resource development map
  • Training system


Qualification requirements 高等専門学校、大学、大学院を卒業・修了見込みの方
Department of Recruitment 機械設計職・電気設計職・・・・・・・・・
Recruitment type Mechanical design position, electrical design position, service engineer position, sales position
Selection details Interview, written test, aptitude test, etc.


  • 01

    Company information session, on-campus seminar

  • 02

    Factory Guide /first interview

  • 03

    SPI (web implementation)

  • 04

    Written test/Secondary interview

  • 05

    Unofficial offer

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