126 days of annual holidays

There are 126 days off per year and 239 working days per year. The calendar defines long-term holidays on Sundays, national holidays and holidays, Saturdays, and Others holidays, mainly during the year-end and New Year holidays and the Bon Festival.

Annual paid leave

Annual paid leave is granted 10 days in the first year and up to 20 days per year depending on the length of service. It can be obtained in 1-day or half-day units.
You are obliged to take paid leave for a minimum of 5 days a year.

Special paid leave

We will grant various special leave such as marriage, pardon, childcare break, epidemic prevention, natural disaster lesion, relocation, overseas business trip return.

Re-employment system (up to 65 years old)

It is possible to work until 65 years old.

Rental company housing system

Employees who have been ordered to move accompanying relocation of residence or new graduate employees who can not commute from home at the time of recruitment will be offered a house to borrow.

Employee holding preferential treatment system

This is a system for employees to purchase Kawata stock by deducting the desired amount from their monthly salary and bonus. The company gives incentives. You can join from 1,000 yen per share.

Complete with various social insurance

We have various social insurance including health insurance, welfare pension, employment insurance, worker's accident insurance.

Long-term service commendation

We are giving long-term service awards to employees who work for 10, 20 and 30 years of service.

Family allowance

Family allowance will be paid to those who are recognized under the Income Tax Law and those who are dependent on health insurance. Spouses are 10,000 yen, Others Suppliers will pay 3,000 yen to one person.

Condolence money system

We will pay marriage, birth, condolence money, gifts etc.

Full commuting allowance

Pay the traffic period fee at actual cost.

Official qualification acquisition incentive system

We encourage the acquisition of public qualifications for the purpose of improving the abilities of employees and promoting self-development. For those who have obtained qualifications, we will pay a grant to the degree of difficulty of the exam.

Severance pay system

Employees eligible for over 1 year and 6 months are eligible.

Benefit station

Welfare It is a membership discount service introduced as. It can be used in all kinds of scenes such as leisure, shopping, sports, gourmet, child care, health, nursing care, self-development.

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