About us

Message from President​ ​“Offering products and service that impress our customers, responding quickly to the demands of the market and society”

President Wataru Shiraishi

In 1935, we started life as KAWATA MANUFACTURING. Beginning with parts making under a subcontract, we produced a rubber tube extruder as our first product in 1938. In anticipation of the growing demand for plastics after the war, we began to develop and manufacture plastic extruders and auxiliary equipment for plastic molding factories, and actively pursued technical tie-ups with European and American manufactures, which formed foundations for our current products.It is the spirit since the company’s foundation that has supported our growth.

  • Offering products and service to support requirements of customers and society
  • Posture to make an attempt even if we have no experience in or knowledge of what we try to do
  • Ability to take a quick action toward an attempt
  • Management attitude to move hand-in-hand with employees

The environment surrounding the manufacturing industry is about to change significantly as the economic globalization and information society develop. In this situation, we will make steady progress toward our goal, keeping our spirit since its foundation in mind. New materials and neo functional materials have been still developed along with diversification of plastic products. The uses of plastic products are expected to expand continuously on a worldwide basis, implementing environmental measures, such as recycling, improved durability, etc. In addition, there has been a growing demand for more labor savings at production sites. Listening closely to the needs of our customers, we will make contributions to safer and more affluent lives for people in the world, as well as enhance our shareholders and enterprise value, by offering products and service to ensure customer satisfaction and solutions leading to improvement in production activities based on our long-accumulated technology.