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Heating Medium Circulation Temperature Controller (heat medium circulation Temperature Controller)

In plastic molding, it is the mold that most affects the quality of molded parts. At the same time as highly accurate mold processing, by thoroughly controlling the temperature inside the mold, high quality products can be produced. In addition, we are improving the molding cycle and are also helping to reduce the cost. In laminating process, rolls are kept at optimum adhesion temperature, and processes requiring precision can also be cleared. In this way, temperature management is an important factor in quality control in various manufacturing industries. Kawata is a long-seller temperature controller that has been in operation for 30 years, 30 countries in the world, and sales volume exceeding 70,000 units, and we are helping to ensure reliable temperature management at the manufacturing site.

Specify conditions


Oil medium temperature controller

It is used for temperature control of a relatively high temperature zone. (60 ° C. or 80 ° C. to the maximum temperature 160 ° C. to 320 ° C.)

Chiller (refrigerator)

It is used for temperature control in the lower temperature range (7 ° C to 30 ° C).