​ ​Product information​ ​

System / Plant

By automating the raw material receiving equipment, central drying equipment, central Mixing equipment, and distribution supply equipment, we eliminate unevenness, unreasonableness, and waste in the molding factory.
By incorporating an autoviewer (automatic material change/centralized distribution device) and fine powder separation/removal device into the wide range of product lineups unique to Kawata and the system of high-level system engineering technology, we not only improve product quality and productivity, but also improve factory efficiency. We will greatly contribute to CIM, FA, and FMS.

Various merits by production rationalization

Kawata proposes a rationalization system that meets the needs of customers with total service from design to construction.

Cost reduction of raw material cost
By introducing a large storage system, cost reduction of raw material cost by mass purchase can be attained. Also, we will omit the spilling and scattering of raw materials and the remaining raw materials.
Utilization efficiency of multi-product production UP
By automating Conveying and connection equipment, quick and reliable changeover is possible, and the operating efficiency of a wide variety of variable quantities is greatly improved.
Reduction of labor costs
By automating raw material input / transport, raw material change, etc., we can reduce personnel.
Space saving
By centralizing multiple devices for storage, Conveying, drying, and Mixing, you can save a lot of space.
Improvement of cleanability and maintenance
Dust removal by the fine powder separation system and introduction of interlocking system will reduce scattering dust in the factory.​ ​
​ ​It can improve the efficiency of cleaning and maintenance of equipment and cleanse the factory. It also leads to improved equipment life.
Establishment of safety

There is no manual work, and ultimate safety can be established.

CIM Computer Integrated Manufacturing​ ​
​ ​A production management system that aims to improve efficiency by uniformly managing information at the site of production, such as with computers.
FA Factory Automation​ ​
​ ​A system to automate the production process at the factory
​ ​FMS is a system that can produce multiple products with one production facility and one production line.