Investor Relations

Our Basic Policies

The Kawata Group has long been engaged in manufacture and sale of equipment and systems designed to streamline operations at plastic molding factories.
Based on the principles of manufacturing-process labor savings and mitigation of environmental loads through reduction of loss in processed materials, and complying with the product development guidelines of our “Challenge CES (Cost-Energy-Space saving efforts),” we continue to present new technologies to the world by developing unique products with high functionality and usability, while also improving our profitability by empowering the agility and adaptability of our work-sites. In addition, by applying our prowess and expertise cultivated in the plastic molding field, we will develop and expand new sales areas, including batteries, food, and cosmetics, so that we can continue to grow as an entity highly adaptable to changing market conditions and increase our corporate and shareholder values, all of which constitute our basic policies.

Medium- and Long-Term Management Strategy and Challenges, and Target Management Indicator

Medium- and Long-Term Management Strategy and Challenges

The plastic mold-processing industry, our main customer, is facing brilliant technological innovation and fierce quality and price competition both domestically and abroad.  In this severe environment, as for our core business, we will respond to the global needs of customers by further strengthening our competitiveness in quality, cost, delivery times and after-sales service in strong collaboration with production bases (in Japan, China and Indonesia) and sales and service bases (in Japan, China, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, and North and Central America), improving our market share and earning power.

Target Management Indicators and Capital Policy

Our basic policy is to increase corporate and shareholder value, continuing growing as a market-responsive company by actively investing management resources in high-value-added product development, expansion of new sales fields and regions, new business development, strategic investments, etc., while enhancing returns to shareholders, In the medium to long term, we aim to ensure a dividend on equity (DOE) of 2.5% or more by building a business structure that can stably secure a return on equity (ROE) of 8% or more while maintaining an sound balance between liabilities and shareholders' equity.

In addition, the Kawata Group positions the strengthening of the management structure and improvement of transparency by enhancing corporate governance, ensuring thorough compliance, developing human resources etc. as the priority management issues. We have submitted the “Corporate Governance Report” to the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. for details on corporate governance, and disclosed the Corporate Philosophy, Basic Policy on Corporate Governance, Independence Criteria for Outside Directors, Group Action Guidelines, Environmental Philosophy and Policy, Management Policy, Medium-Term Management Plan etc. on our website (