About us

Health Management Declaration

As one of our management philosophies, Kawata Co., Ltd.
Our motto is to “emphasize employee autonomy and job satisfaction, and grow the company sustainably.”
In order to put our management philosophy into practice, it is important that our employees are healthy both physically and mentally.
Kawata will work on the following to promote the health of its employees.

  • We will thoroughly follow up on health checkups and results to prevent illness.
  • We will promote specific health guidance to prevent and improve lifestyle-related diseases.
  • We provide education to improve health literacy.
  • We will accurately ascertain working hours and implement measures to curb long working hours.
  • We will promote initiatives for work-life balance, such as shortening working hours, encouraging employees to take annual leave, and promoting childcare and family care leave.
  • We will work on measures to activate communication between employees.