About us

Corporate Philosophy

We dedicate ourselves to our production activities and corporate development based on our “3 Capabilities,” and endeavor to contribute to society through our corporate efforts to achieve peace and prosperity.

Three strengths

Thinking capability

Thinking is the source of all value
Our mind has limitless power, creating endless ideas, with which we can act steadily and firmly

 Persevering capability 

Fortitude is required to make even a single step forward
We can overcome any adversity and move resolutely toward development and prosperity

 Cooperating capability 

Individuals have limited abilities
By combining our abilities, we can exert ourselves to realize our full potential as a group

Management Principles

As a company specializing in labor-saving machinery used at production sites for powder and granular products, including those that use plastic, we will contribute to the society by providing high-quality one-of-a-kind products that satisfy individual customers’ needs, far surpassing any competitor’s offerings.

  • Make constant efforts to discover market needs, and provide products and services that truly satisfy customers
  • Contribute to a world where everyone can enjoy more abundant and secure lives through the consumer and industrial goods our customers produce
  • Respect employee individuality and support morale to ensure sustainable growth for the Company
  • Be valued as a “good company” by our shareholders, business partners, and people in the community