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 Independence Criteria for Outside Directors


  • From the employees of the Company and its consolidated subsidiaries (collectively referred to as "the Company Group") (Executive Directors, Executive Officers Others Those who conform to these and employees)
  • ​ ​Major shareholders of the Company (shareholders holding 5% or more on the basis of voting rights)​ ​
  • ​ ​A business executor of a company etc. that falls under any of the following
    1. Major business partners of the Group (transaction amount exceeding 2% of consolidated sales)
    2. Major borrowers of the Group (financial institutions whose borrowings outstanding is more than 2% of our consolidated total assets or consolidated total assets of the financial institution)
    3. Companies in which the Group holds shares of 10% or more on a voting right basis
  • ​ ​A certified public accountant belonging to an audit corporation that is an accounting auditor of the Group​ ​
  • Money exceeding 10 million yen annually from our group Others Experts such as a consultant, an accountant, a tax accountant, a lawyer, a judicial scrivener, a patent attorney or the like acquiring the property of a corporation, a partner or the like (if the person obtaining the property is a corporation, a cooperative or the like, Say.)
  • ​ ​Those who receive a donation exceeding 10 million yen annually from the Group​ ​
  • 社外取締役の相互就任関係となる他の会社の業務執行者
  • ​ ​(Relatives within the spouse and the second degree) are either one of the above 1 to 7 (important persons (directors, corporate auditors, executive officers and business executors over directors) are excluded except for items 4 and 5 Applicable to​ ​
  • ​ ​In the past 5 years, those who fall under any of the above 2 to 8​ ​
  • Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraphs, Others , Persons who are deemed to have a special reason that conflicts of interest may arise between the Company