Strengths of KAWATA

Products and technologies of Kawata which develops in the world.

We will introduce our strengths cultivated through past experience and experience.

01 Five Core technologies

Conveying, Drying, Weighing, Mixing, Temperature Controlling.
Material supply process in various manufacturing processes
Technology and development capabilities that cover a wide range are our Core technologies is.


The easiest and most efficient conveying systems have been developed by our comprehensive technology in quest for compact design and energy conservation.


Drying is an important process to control moisture, volatile portions or unnecessary components of materials, which has an influence on the next process.


"Accurate" is the keyword. Our weighing devices with the utmost accuracy are easy to use, particularly suited for control panels placing emphasis on human interface.


"Mixing" This process is essential for  every kind of industries."Mixing uniformly to the limit", "mixing in a short time" and "mixing slowly and quietly" --we will think of and offer technology appropriate to purposes and conditions to customers.

Temperature Controlling

The temperature controllers are designed to not only heat and cool in the production process but accrately maintain temperature of a medium (fresh water of oil) at the set point to control temperature of a target material (jackets or various rolls).

​ ​02​ ​​ ​Nationwide · Global correspondence​ ​

Regardless of the domestic market, after-sales service staff reside at each sales office, and we are responding smoothly and promptly.​ ​
​ ​In addition, after-sales service in Japan is handled by telephone 24 hours a day, 24 hours a day.

Supports domestic customers at 12 locations nationwide

We have prepared support systems throughout the country. Even if the same facility is introduced over several areas, or if the facility will be moved to another prefecture, you can continue to receive Kawata's support.

Expanding to the basic philosophy of symbiosis with the world, Kawata's Overseas Based


​ ​03​ ​​ ​Technology development and intellectual property management​ ​

I have always continued to play a role as a pioneer of industry from the foundation​ ​
​ ​At present, we are also working on technology development that helps solve humanization issues of the Ministry of the Environment and utilize new materials.

Enhancement of technology development department

For example, nitrogen drying technology useful for molding plastic used for optical applications is an answer that has been obtained in response to customers' expectations for over 20 years. Now, I also use IoT technology to challenge smartization of customer's production facilities.

Fine particle dispersion technology

By developing and applying high-precision weighing technology for powder and granules, we have developed equipment that helps reduce the weight of automobiles such as fiber supply. In addition, we have commercialized an ultra-high speed mixer (NANOPERSION) using fine particle dispersion technology. In the future, we plan to challenge the development of fine particle formation and composite technology.