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計量混合機 容量計量混合機(機上式小型) オートカラー コンパクト AC-30Cシリーズ

On-machine small capacity Blender
  • Compact design that stores Conveying, weighing, and Mixing in one unit.
  • Space saving for control unit
  • Significant shortening of material change time


Easy weighing check

Main materials and coloring materials can be weighed easily.

Easy cleaning

All parts can be easily removed without tools.

Dimensional drawing


Model Maximum throughput
(Kg / h)
Number of compounds Supply method
Screw cutting method Table feeder system
AC-30C-KTP 30 3 types (main material + grinding material + M/B) Main material/ grinding material For M / B
AC-30C-KTF 3 types (main material + grinding material + D/C) For D / C (powder pigment)

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