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計量混合機 質量計量混合機 オートカラー リミテッド LC-50Z

Ultimate simple structure, low cost, short time cleaning, space saving
  • Cleaning time is 1/4 of ACA (about 10 minutes)
  • Easy operation interface
  • Space saving, reduction rate 70% * Compared to our company


Cleanability of the measuring section

Easy removal because the hopper of the weighing unit can be easily removed

Standard equipped with screen nozzle (mesh type) and air purge

Compatible with a wide variety of grinding materials

Easy operation

Easy operation interface without perusal of instruction manual

Space saving

Space saving about 1/3 of conventional type

Dimensional drawing


Model Maximum throughput (kg / h) Number of compounds Supply method
LC-50Z 50 3 kinds Main material/ grinding material: Damper method
MB: Screw cutting method

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