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計量混合機 質量計量混合機(大能力) オートカラー Ⅱ ACAシリーズ

High-accuracy (FS±0.25% or less) large capacity Blender
  • Maximum throughput of 400 kg / h, 600 kg / h, up to 6 types
  • Easy removal of parts, easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Easy operation with menu type color touch panel


Color touch panel system

Easy operation with "color touch panel method" with good visibility

High efficiency Mixing function

40° inclined drum for uniform Mixing and complete discharge

Easy to clean

Material can be easily extracted, parts and screws can be easily cleaned with one-touch detachment.

Dimensional drawing


Model Maximum processing capacity * 1 (kg / h) Number of compounds Supply method
ACA-400b 400 4 kinds Screw cutting method
ACA-600b 600 4 species * 2
400※2 5 species
6 kinds

* 1: Maximum processing capacity varies depending on the physical properties, mixing ratio, and installation environment of the materials used.
* 2: If processing capacity of 400 kg / h is required for 5 types and 6 types of combination, please contact us separately.

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