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計量混合機 容量計量混合機(主材:容量計量、着色剤:質量計量) オートカラー AC-300/600シリーズ

Master batch dry color is highly accurate by mass metering
  • Outstanding Mixing power with tilted Mixing drum type
  • Dry color weighing machine (WRS) Weighing accuracy: ± 0.5 to 1%
  • Equipped with a bag filter suitable for grinding materials as standard.


Two kinds of main material suction hopper (Raisho hopper)

Setting the weighing value (ratio) by changing the position of the partition plate

Dry color weighing / feeding machine (WRS)

Easy color change with detachable type

Cleaning property

Full opening, coloring agent receiving part easy detachment

Blower (control) unit

Equipped with a bag filter as standard, reducing filter clogging and cleaning frequency when Conveying grinding materials.

Option Handy Hopper

It is easy to change color with handy hopper attached to molding machine.

Dimensional drawing


Model Ability (kg / h) Hopper unit weighing capacity (L) Colorant feeder (Weigh scale)
A:主原料 B:粉砕材
AC-300 Max.100 4.5~7.5 1.5~4.5 Select for master batch (WLHS), dry color (WRS)
AC-600 Max.250 5~16 3~14

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