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nitrogen Dryer
DK series / DN series

乾燥機 バッチ式窒素乾燥機(再吸着防止装置付) アダム/インターセプター DKシリーズ/DNシリーズ

Batch-type next generation best suited for multi-product small volume production Dryer
  • Minimal control of material thermal degradation and oxidation damage by unique nitrogen heating system
  • After drying the material, it can be stored at normal temperature, it can be supplied in just in time. Re-adsorption prevention device "Interceptor" as standard equipment
  • A cassette type hopper with a one-touch attachment to a molding machine


Interceptor as standard equipment

Prevents re-adsorption on molding machine.

Dimensional drawing


Model Generated dew point (° C) Dryer hopper effective capacity (L)
DK-5 Max.-25 8

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