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Dehumidifying Dryer [Challenger]
DFC series

Dryer Dehumidifying Dryer (Conveying Machine integrated) Challenger IV DFC series

Evolved into Dryer that suits the times
  • Adopting an expandable touch panel makes it possible to support IoT.
  • Succeeded in improving the air conditioning environment in the factory by reducing the exhaust temperature by using the regenerated exhaust energy.
  • 60℃~ 160℃対応へ。 PET-Gなどの低温乾燥がオプションにて対応可能に。*外気:10℃~ 35℃の場合


Improved cleaning performance!

The collection box can be removed with one touch.

Dimensional drawing



Model Air flow
(㎥ / h) (50 Hz / 60 Hz)
Drying temperature (° C) Dry hopper
Effective capacity (L)
DFC-25Z 35/45 70~160(Max.)※1※2 42
DFC-50Z 50/60 84
DFC-75Z 80/100 126
DFC-100Z 167
DFC-150Z 110/120 80~160(Max.)※1※2 250
DFC-200Z 145/160 333
DFC-300Z 220/240 500



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