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Hot air Dryer 【Ace Dryer】
ADA series

Dryer Hot air Dryer Ace dryer ADA series

Easy to use, high performance with microcomputer control
  • Cleanliness and maintenance are thoroughly pursued
  • Microcomputer type control panel pursuing "easy operation"
  • Automatic start timer, self-diagnosis function installed.


Easy operation

Microcomputer type control panel pursuing "easy operation"

Easy to clean

The opening area of the inspection door is large, and the diffuser cone can be removed with one touch.

Dimensional drawing

Molding machine mounting type

Dimensional drawing

Mounting Type * Option


Model Maximum air volume
(㎥ / h) (50 Hz / 60 Hz)
Drying temperature (° C) Dryer hopper effective capacity (L)
ADA-15a 2.2/2.7 130
[160 ° C specification is H type option
(Drying hopper heat insulation formula)]
ADA-25a 3.5/4.1 42
ADA-50a 6.0/7.0 83
ADA-75a 9.1/10.7 125
ADA-100Ba 167※
ADA-150Ba 13.1/15.0 250※
ADA-200Ba 14.5/17.5 330※
ADA-250Ba 420※
ADA-300Ba 23.5/27.5 500※
ADA-400Ba 14.0/16.5 670※
ADA-500Ba 16.0/19.5 830※

* The amount of ADA - 100 or higher is the numerical value with loader mount at the time of auto loader installation (option).

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