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Dehumidifying Dryer [Challenger]
DRD series (10Z)

Dryer Dehumidifying Dryer (minimum preparation and Conveying Machine integrated) Challenger mini DRD series (10Z)

Ultimate energy saving and space saving. Equipped with the industry's first volatile component collection function! !!
  • Renewable energy cut by 80% compared to continuous regeneration type dehumidifying Dryer
  • All the equipment necessary for drying and Conveying is installed in one compact and slim body.
  • The hopper capacity is larger than that of the conventional model, and the amount of charge can be changed. * Adopts variable level switch


Dimensional drawing


Model Air volume (㎥ / h)
(50 Hz / 60 Hz)
Drying temperature (° C) Dryer hopper effective capacity (L)
DRD-10Z 15/18 80~160 17

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