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Reduced pressure Dryer [Deco]

Dryer Reduced pressure Dryer (Built-in vacuum pump) Deco DV-15/30

Kawata's proprietary ITC heating realizes high precision drying and outstanding operability
  • Energy saving (power consumption is dehumidified Dryer About 1/5 of that)
  • Microcomputer type control panel pursuing "easy operation"
  • It realizes cleanability, uniform drying and miniaturization.


Easy operation

Adopted touch panel that emphasizes operability and visibility

Simple cleaning

There is no dead space as the flow space heater goes up and down


A collection box which is difficult to bridge and easy to extract, adopts a new type MA valve without biting

Dimensional drawing


Model Vacuum reaching absolute pressure (kPa) Drying temperature (° C) Dryer hopper effective capacity (L)
DV-15 -87.9 (13.4 kPa abs) 80~160 23
DV-30 46

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