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High efficiency dry dispersion

Mixer​ ​ High-efficiency dry dispersion mixer (small)​ ​ NANOPERSION PICCOLO​ ​ HEPD-2

Enables stable distributed processing faster than "ultra high speed"
  • Dry dispersion of nanoparticles possible
  • It is compact and can be used on desk, convenient laboratory 100 V power supply
  • Mixing container can be easily attached and detached for easy cleaning.


Comparison of dispersion effects

Application example


Easy disassembly, easy to clean

Dimensional drawing


Model Total tank capacity (L) Charge capacity (L) Motor (kW) Blade rotation speed (rpm)
HEPD-2 1.5 0.75 ※ 1 0.6 3000 to 16000
(Inverter stepless speed change)

※ The tank has a jacket structure.
* 1: It depends on material.

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