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High-speed flow Mixing
SMV(B) series <Inverter Type>

Mixer High-speed fluid Mixing (inverter blend type) Super mixer SMV(B) series <Inverter Type>

Uniform Mixing in a short time, SMB series inverter type
  • Freely set the number of revolutions with inverter type, handle various materials variously, variety of options
  • Five standard models of 100 L, 200 L, 300 L, 500 L, and 1000 L sizes that can be selected.
  • Mechanical structure considering cleaning performance and maintenance



Model Tank capacity (L) Motor (kW)
SMV (B) -100 60~70 5.5 6P inverter
SMV (B) -200 120~140 11 6P inverter
SMV (B) -300 180~210 22 6P inverter
SMV (B) -500 300~350 37 6P inverter
SMV (B) -1000 600~700 75 6P inverter

※ The tank has a jacket structure.

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