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Heating Medium Circulation Temperature Controller
Water medium temperature controller
TW/120 series

Heating Medium Circulation Temperature Controller Heat medium circulation Temperature Controller (Heating Medium Circulation Temperature Controller) for water MAX.120℃ Just Thermo TW/120 series

High pressure large flow, high precision, high function
  • High pressure large flow pump installed
  • LCD touch panel is standard equipment on all models
  • IoT standard support (MODBUS / SPI communication)


High reliability

SSC (contactless contactor) is adopted for heater control

State-of-the-art controller that can be operated by touch

Dimensional drawing


Model Medium Operating temperature (° C) Maximum flow rate
(L / min) (50/60 Hz)
Heater capacity (kW)
TW-75 / 120 Shimizu Max.120 31/39 3
TW-200 / 120 75/89 6
TW-400 / 120 9
TW-600 / 120 140/165 9
TW-1200 / 120 200/240 12


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